Story behind Nuk

We are professionals with day jobs in the hectic corporate world, getting work done for our organizations and playing our loyal part in meeting their goals. In our personal lives, we are home makers, social and cultural beings. What impelled us to do what we are doing at Nuk is the belief that life without a keen vision about it is drudgery at best and slavery at worst.

To transcend the numbing acquiescence to a drill dictated by the prevalent economic, social and political order and the consequential habitual thought patterns, we ought to develop independent perspectives and an active thinking framework. To us, books hold the promise of leading us on that path.

We are book lovers. Yet more than our love for books, the need for them in shaping our orientation to life brought us to this enterprise. We understand that books by themselves may not get us the needed respite from the "desert sand of dead habit". Much conscious effort is needed to distil the vapors of thought and filter out the fallacies presented on their pages authored by mortals, great ones though. Yet, reading is the trigger that sets us on the course to realizing a grander vision.

While (active) reading lays a strong foundation for children, the bearers of the palanquin of future, every adult member of the society ought to read as well to precipitate a keener vision of life. A reading mother or father is likely to raise a reading child. A society that reads, and reads actively and passionately, is more likely to hold up a healthy consciousness and vigour than that does not read at all.

Thus, we launched Nuk to make a case for a reading society. Nuk is that small corner (Nook), a humble enterprise, to enable a small neighbourhood thrive on great stories and ideas in a world that doles out a lopsided vision of life and living.

Meaningful Entertainment

As with everything else, technology has not only taken charge of our recreation but has transformed the very manner in which we entertain ourselves. Apparently, for the worse. We need alternate forms of entertainment. Reading can be one of the healthier alternatives. At the same time, Nuk is a hub of events and activities that can help us meaningfully recreate.

Meaningful Engagement

Nuk offers a platform to meaningfully engage in conversations that matter and enlighten you.