Slow down. Step aside, let the world's madness pass.

Unravel. At your pace. Find your space at nuk.

Library for mind, body and spirit

Sign up in less than a minute to start borrowing from a fine collection of over 10,000 books spanning genres and subjects. Pick a book, sink into a couch or a bean bag. For serious study, use the desks or tables. Or if you want a more informal setting, occupy one of the cafe tables by the glass frontage that looks out onto the street.

It's a perfect place to read, learn, engage, relax and network. A true community facility. The best way to slow down, unravel and discover various dimensions of life in a cozy, laidback setting.


Ever growing collection of books

With a strong focus on quality and coverage, we add to our collections at a healthy rate. Anime to adventure, romance to drama, dystopian to historical fiction, sci-fi to specialized subjects such as history, philosophy, sciences, psychology, travel, cookery, health and fitness, spiritual, biographies. You name it, we have it.


Study, cowork, meet, socialize or just relax

Studying for exams, working remotely , meeting for work or simply unwinding. There is no place better than a library. Ample seating in a cozy setting. Work desks, wi-fi and beverages day long.


Sip through your pages

A good brew blends well with books, work, socialization and relaxation. The minimal cafe at Nuk lets you put long hours of study or work. It's a different experience altogether to sip a hot coffee or tea in the midst of books.

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